Sunday, November 9, 2014

TTM: Tomas Holmstrom

Sent: 6/30/14

Received: 11/3/14 (3/3)

First off, if I’m not really posting much like I use to, it is because the mail has been slow. But, I have definitely changed and have written a good amount of letter this season and will post when I get a letter back.

 It was hard to like Holmstrom back in the day because he was a rival Red Wing to my Chicago Blackhawks, but he was very good at his position and was a threat blocking the opposing goaltender with his big size. Players today like Chicago’s Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell are the go to players who fill this position on the Blackhawks.

Holmstrom signed all 3 cards that I sent, and the SP Authentic base seriously makes a really good set for signing. Though the Dual card I sent has to be the Coolest one, it doesn't look good scanned though.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

TTM: Peter Budaj


Received: 8/22/15

First let me apologize for not post for a very long time because really the mail is been boring and nothings come in. Now on to the post

Wow, my first Random Strange ttm of Ever. I was both excited and confused when I saw this come in the mail. I "Literally" don't remember writing a letter to Budaj or even owning this card to send to him. Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet car with an auto in a white black space that looks perfect. But seriously this was one of the strangest ttm's Ever!

In reality this could of been 3 or 4 years old and don't remember writing it or maybe sending a different card but anyway it still is a cool autograph.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TTM: Jason Labarbera

Sent: 1/28/14

Received: 6/5/14

Last week I received these 3 cards that I sent to the Rockford IceHogs so that Labarbera could sign them. I was a little worried about getting these back because it took awhile to receive but I am definitely happy about this return. All 3 cards are for sets that I am trying to collect signed.

The first comes from Panini's All Goalie which is a set made up of all goalies and the cards are mainly white so that autographs look really good on them. The middle card is from In The Game's Between the Pipes which is another all goalie product looks cool with all the goalie masks.

Finally the third card is from a new set of 2013-14 Panini Score that I am almost finished with collecting the base set, but this is the second autograph from this set. The pictures in the set are really cool. It's really too bad that Labarbera had to be demoted from being the Backup in Phoenix to Chicago's 3rd string/ 1st string in Rockford. I do think he would of done well backing up Crawford and giving time and experience that Raanta needs in Rockford.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

TTM: Richard Bachman

Sent: 1/28/14

Received: 5/10/14

Drafted by Dallas Stars 4th Round (120th overall) 2006 NHL Draft

Yesterday I received 3 autographed cards from former Dallas stars and Current Edmonton Oilers prospect Richard Bachman. Bachman is only 26 and still has some time left to make the NHL and maybe even backup Ben Scrivens if he can beat out Fasth. All 3 of the cards I sent belong to 3 different sets that I am trying to get signed.  The Sharpie he used must be fading a little bit but he still signed with a solid signature.

2010-11 Between the Pipes:

2011-12 Between the Pipes:

Panini All Goalies Set: (34/100)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

TTM: Denis Herron

Drafted by Pittsburgh Penguins 3rd Round (40th Overall) 1972 NHL Draft

Sent: 4/15/14

Received: 4/24/14

I just received my signed cards from Herron today and was surprised at first when I saw the unsigned card but then I saw the other two and was better. Now apparently from his note quoting "This is not Me." I am wondering who it is and If someone can help me out and tell me who the goalie is in the picture of the 3rd card?

Monday, April 7, 2014

TTM: Olaf Kolzig

Sent: 3/12/14

Received: 4/7/14 (4/4 Cards)

Drafted by Washington Capitals 1st round (19th overall) 1989 NHL Entry Draft

Ollie the Goalie was one of favorite goalie in the 90's. He was Agile & Quick with a cool nickname and a very cool mask design. He also was one of the few standout German Hockey players in the NHL and I am part german so that's pretty cool.

I love how these autographs turned out, especially on the Upper Deck Ice card.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

60 years of Blackhawks: 10 Additions

Sorry about not posting in awhile but I have been quite busy and nothing has really happen to me in the Card collecting hobby. I've written some ttm's here and there but have not received any of those back yet. I'll try to post more things in the upcoming weeks and try to keep this blog active.

But anyway onto the post, so I have mentioned before that me and my parents go to a lot of Chicago Blackhawks games and at the games the Blackhawks have alumni players signing autographs. 

Bill Gardner: I don't know much about Barber's playing career but I do know that he was an announcer with Pat Foley in Chicago with the Wolves and MAYBE the Blackhawks. 

Darcy Rota

Denis Cyr:

Greg Fox

John Marks

Mark Lavarre: Lavaree played only 2 games but I know his brother DJ who coaches Winnteka hockey along with Loyola High School Hockey. This autograph doesn't mean much to value but it still helps the total autographs in the book.

Steve Larmer: A Blackhawks legend that is still severely underrated. To appreciate what Larmer did as a player the Blackhawks need to take the number 28 off Ben Smith and throw it in the rafters.  

Tom Lysiak
Tony Esposito: This has been my favorite autograph in the book so far. Besides Tony being a goaltending Legend this autograph has a cool story. (Will tell later)

Troy Murray: Currently does the play by play with John Wiedman on WGN Radio. Murray was a pretty good player back in the day and you don't here much about it. 

These autographs put me at 26 total and with 3 players left will put me at 29 total for the regular season. My goal is to get Mikita and Hull to finish off the Hall of Fame Legends.